Saturday, February 6, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 9

"Well, she's shut right up, hasn't she?" muttered Enyo, staring at the captive Dev.  She glanced at her fellow for a moment, looking for a response.

Pephredo gave a grim but satisfied nod.  "Like a gate at night."  She chuckled to herself.  "I guess she realized that nothing was getting her out of that."

Enyo stared quietly at Falerina Ashurana.  "I suppose so." She frowned slightly.  "Do you think... she's really secure though?  I mean... she is, well, a Dev..."

Pephredo laughed at that.  "Nervous, aren't you?"  She shook her head, and gestured towards the ceiling.  "No, she's stuck there thanks to the wards.  With you and me serving as the next wall if those should fail."

Enyo glanced up at the symbols that had been carefully enscribed on the basement wall.  "Ahh.  Good to see."  She raised a hand and let loose a blast that obliterated the glyphs. 

Pephredo blinked.  "Wha--what are you...?" she began, only to be thrown to the wall by Enyo who then began to strike at her with her fists, over and over, and over. 

When Pephredo's skull was a ruined bloody pulp, Enyo finally stopped, and then began to blink.  "What... what just happened?"

"I did," answered Falerina, rising from the floor.  She smiled at the Erl.  "All my little charms and trinkets..."  She lifted her skirt and pulled a foot out of her shoe, wiggling the ring-laden toes.  "You missed some."  The Dev grinned at her former captive, as she shoved her foot back into her shoe.  "Ha!  Bet you didn't see that coming!  Oh, I knew I shouldn't try anything while your super-scary boss was here, but when she was gone, I got to work.  Because I am crazy like a fox.  And not like my aunt Hinde, who my father locked in a small room and fed small amounts of food for her entire life, to keep her weak and controllable.  And who we never, ever spoke about, never ever."  Falerina shuddered.  "Nope.  Not like her at all.  Not a bit!"

Pephredo stared at the Dev in horror and anger and tried to raise her hand at Falerina, only to find her arm frozen in place.  "What... what's going on?" she cried.

"I'm running your body like a puppet," said Falerina.  "Or a doll.  You ever have a doll?  I had one named Miss Funnyface.  She was very dear to me.  But I set her on fire once by accident, and so she had to be disposed of.  It was very sad."  She walked to the door, and then glanced back at Enyo.  "Anyway--I've been doing that since earlier, just when I did it at first, I had you shoved so far back in there, you had no idea what was going on.  Now, I'm letting out, but just a little.  So--I need a bath, to wash out the stinky mess that my oopsie left.  And I'd like you to help.  If you do a bad job, I kill you horribly."

Enyo regarded her for a moment.  "What if I do a good job?"

"I kill you not horribly," answered Falerina.  She grinned at the woman,  "See?  I'm good at motivating people!"

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