Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 19

Echidnae grumbled as she shook more Ancient Mummy Dust over the corners of the room.  As opposed to her superior, she was not as certain as its effectiveness.  But telling Eurydice this tended to get you.... Eurydice being upset.  And that was not a thing you wanted.

Still, she thought, hopefully it would kill enough of the filthy little biters, to make Eurydice... calmer.  That would be...

Her thoughts were interrupted by a strong pair of hands grabbing her shoulders, and pulling her backwards.  "If you try to scream, we will kill you," came a female whisper.  "Is that clear?" Echidnae managed a nod.  "Good." 

"Maybe we should kill her anyway," came another woman's voice.  "It'd... keep things... safe."

"Not now," said a familiar woman, stepping out of the shadows.  "I will not soil my heads with the blood of my House's loyal servants, on this, the night of my great triumph."

Echidnae stared at the woman in surprise. "You... you're Lord Nisrioch's... lady friend."  She coughed.  "Umm, well, the one who isn't a Dev.  Or insane."

Armida smiled at her.  "I'm more than that, Miss Bluebell.  Much, much more."  She walked up towards the wall, and placed her hand on it.  "Yes," she said.  "The Ashurana was right.  There is a power here.  Old, slumbering, and mine for the taking."

Echidnae gulped.  "Can I ask what's going on?"

"Yes," said the woman holding her, "but we won't tell you.  Sorry."

"Don't talk to the hostage, Noe," muttered the woman by her side.

"Oh, come on!" said Noe, tightening her grip on Echidnae.  "The boss did.  And said she was a family servant!  So she's practically one of us!  Kind of."

"Different families, Noe," muttered the other woman.

"You are mean, sis," said Noe.  "Mean and unfun."

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