Saturday, March 5, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 21

Armida touched the stones in the wall, watching them light up under her hand, while beautiful tones filling the room.  "King Assur truly was an artist and a wizard," she noted.  "This room--so like him.  A simple, beautiful solution to family squabbles.  A shame we forgot about it by the time my father had to... take action."  She chuckled.  "It would have made things so much simpler."

Arsinoe nodded.  "And you'd be the recognized Dark Lord right now.  Which would be awesome"  She considered it.  "Unless... you know, your dad was still alive.  Which... you might actually find more awesome." She bit her lip.  "Yeah, the more I think about it, the more sure I am you'd find that more awesome.  Sorry for suggesting that you'd even consider the alternative as the superior option."

Armida paused a moment to glance at Leucippe.  "Would you please tell your sister to be quiet?"

Leucippe gulped.  "Noe... shut up.  You're making the boss angry."

"Right," said Arsinoe with a cough.  "Sorry about that."

"Ummm... she's a Cthonique?" whispered Echidnae. 

Arsinoe nodded.  "Mmm-hmm!  The true Dark Lord of the Plains of Dread, and a whole lot of other stuff..."

"Noe, you're not shutting up..." hissed Leucippe.

"She asked a question," replied Arsinoe.

"Hostage!" snapped Leucippe.  "Hostage!  And what did we say about hostages, Arsinoe?"

"You know, Leucippe," noted Armida, touching another stone, "your sister is no longer the one irritating me."

Leucippe started to say something, then shut her mouth and managed a nod.

"I didn't realize your boss can be so... scary," said Echidnae.

"Oh, yeah, she's cool like that," whispered Arsinoe.  "I saw her make a man swallow his own tongue once.  True story."

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