Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 22

"Nothing?" snapped Morgaine.

Nerghal gave an overly formal bow.  "Nothing, milady."

Morgaine narrowed her eyes at the ghost.  "Okay, when you get all formal and sarcastic, it's usually a bad sigh.  What gives?"

"What I have told you," answered Nerghal.  "I can sense nothing amiss.  Truth be told, I'm fairly alarmed."

"Yeah, yeah, keep talking like that, and make me regret making you the head of the spiritual security," muttered Morgaine.  "Come on!  Do you have any idea what is causing this?"

The ghost idly brought a hand to his chin.  "Not really, no."

"What does that mean?" muttered Morgaine, crossing her arms.

"It's... complicated," answered Nerghal.  "An inkling.  A notion.  Something so mad, it doesn't even bear saying."

Morgaine frowned at her great-uncle's spirit.  "You have a real talent for reminding me that you are a shifty unreliable bastard, you know that?"

"Of course," said Nerghal with a shrug.  "One of the reasons I used to mess with you.  Train you up well.  Make you hard to con."

Morgaine stared at him unimpressed.  "Yeah.  Right.  Look, I have mysterious intruders who aren't setting off a lot of wards that this family has spent a long time perfecting, a missing maid, and a young step-niece who is getting very smug and 'I told you so'.  I do not need this bullshit, now.  Is that clear?"

"Clear as I am," said Nerghal.

"You're not that clear, Nerghy," muttered Morgaine.

"Clearer than I used to be," muttered the ghost.  He regarded his hand for a moment, and then shuddered.  "Really, when I think about it, it's damned upsetting..."

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