Thursday, March 10, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 23

Armida watched her blood running down the lengthy needle with a smile.  "So... that's it?" asked Arsinoe.  "We just... wait for this to take effect?"

"You heard the room explain it to you," noted Leucippe.

"Well, yeah, but... I thought it would look more impressive," noted her younger sister.  She glanced at her employer.  "Plus... you know, I thought we'd be more careful about following the instructions given to us by an apparently sentient room.  Which was recommended to us by a crazy woman.  Who remember, did not go use it herself, back when she had a chance."

"Falerina's mad, but not utterly without sense," noted Armida.  "The room's purpose was to solve family fights quickly.  Supporting the Ashurana wife of a Cthonique because she's angry at her husband might be a bit too far.  And might make the Castle angry."  She smiled.  "Whereas my cause is plain and clear.  The true heir denied for decades, at last come home, to avenge her father's death."

Arsinoe gulped.  "You know, when you say it like that... it sounds kind of creepy."  Armida glanced at her.  "Not that I am in the least way rebelling against your glorious leadership."

Leucippe nodded.  "Right.  Noe is just being... her usual self."

"May I add that of all the people who have ever threatened to kill me, she is the nicest?" added Echidnae from her position of being tied to a sconce in the wall.  "And some of those people are my dearest friends."

Armida rolled her eyes.  "I'm not going to kill Arsinoe at the moment," she said quietly.  "Especially when I need her."

Arisnoe gave a relieved laugh.  "Oh, oh, that is good to hear," she said.  "Not that I ever seriously considered it as a possibility, but now even the unpleasant freak occurence is being vanished from my mind."  She glanced at her sister and her prisoner.  "Isn't that great news?  Yay!"

After a moment, Leucipee and Echidnae joined her in cheering. Armida sighed and went back to watching her blood run down the needle.

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