Saturday, March 12, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 24

"Take that!" declared Elaine slashing Caladbolg down quickly.  "Ha!"  She glanced at her mother and aunt.  "See?  No way whoever it is is getting through me."

Viviane and Jean both stared at her unimpressed.  "Well," said Vivi at last, "it's better than gloating about being right about that crazy bad feeling."

"I can do both," muttered Elaine hurriedly.  "Yeah, totally going to kick the asses of the guys you insisted weren't here."

Jean glanced at her elder sister.  "You should not have mentioned that."

Viviane nodded grimly.  "Yeah, that was a mistake."

"Oh come on," noted Elaine.  "I'm not asking for anything awful, just that you acknowledge I was right about this."  Jean and Viviane's response to this was to stare grimly ahead.  "Come on!" she declared, waving her hands in the air.  "You know I'm right on this."

Jean rubbed her temples.  "Please, please stop."

Viviane coughed.  "Look, Elaine, we are sorry we didn't listen to you on this, but again, it sounded slightly crazy, and... well, we didn't want it to be true.  Still, this is probably going to be nothing much to wor--"

A sound not unlike thunder ended Viviane speech even as she gave it, followed by a pop and Malina appearing in her lap.  "Mommy Viv!  Mommy Viv!" she said.  "You have to see this!  The sky's going crazy!  It's awesome!"

Viviane's eyes went wide.  She rose and went to the window.  Looking out, she saw swirling clouds so dark they'd acquired a purple hue covering the sky around Castle Terribel, as red lightning flashed. 

Viviane massaged her temples.  "I've really, really got to remember to keep my damned mouth shut at times like this..."

"See?  See?" said Malina.  "Isn't it the most awesomest thing you've ever seen?  Isn't it?"

"Want me to practice more with Caladbolg?" asked Elaine.

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