Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 25

Falerina emerged out into the narrow back alley, humming to herself gleefully.  "Oh, whither wander you my dear, whither do you wander, and whither shall you wither, in time..."  She glanced back at Armida's, and chuckled, watching the smoke pour out of the windows. 

"Yes!" she declared. "Oh,, I am so clever, and so quick!  Clever and quick as a raindrop!"  She spread her wings and danced back and forth in the alleyway.  "Clever and quick and nimble!  That's me!  Oh, so clever!"  She clapped her hands together and laughed.  "Ha!  Stupid girl!  Bet you wish you'd been on guard for me NOW!  Then you wouldn't be all dead!  But too late now!  You're dead, dead, deadity-dead!"  She threw her head back and cackled, then bent over and rubed her hands together.  She took a deep breath and stood up straight.

"Well, got that out of my system."  The Dev yawned.  "Umm, fun gloaty times!  That was satisfying..."  She turned around quickly and began to run.  "Now--time to move!  They tried to kill me, and I've got move, move..."  She headed towards the street, then paused.  "But where to... Father... Father won't take me."  She grimaced to herself.  "And I wouldn't go back to him, anyway, the nasty old grump!  Alcina..."  She spat.  "I hate my sister.  I hate her.  She ruins everything."  A smile touched her face.  "But if I sneak into Castle Terribel... I steal Ms. Meany's plot away from her, and get revenge on her, AND on Manny and all his awful family."  She clapped her hands together.  "Yes!  Yes!  That is what I'll do!  Oh, I am so wily!  I am filled with wile, to the brim, to the brim!"  She leapt around the corner, and glanced at the castle.

Bleak purple clouds surrounded it, flashing sinister red lightning.  Falerina stared at it a moment, then glanced around.  A sizable crowd was in the street, like her looking at the disturbances.  Falerina considered things, then ducked back around the corner.  She paced back and forth for a moment.

"Right, right, right, right," she muttered under her breath.  "Need a new plan.  A new plan.  New plan."  She bit her lip and sucked at the crook of her thumb.  "Got it!  I move my behind out of here, as fast as I can!"  She nodded fervently.  "Oh, that is brilliant, Falerina!  Indeed, it is, Falerina, and it is brilliant because I am brilliant.  Indeed, you are.  And pretty.  And nice."  Falerina smiled brightly.  "Why thank you.  I tell you, it's so nice to be appreciated."

She took a deep breath.  "So, we ready?"  She nodded. "Yes, yes we are."  Then taking a deep breath, she began to run.

After several minutes, she remembered she could apport.

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  1. I believe you mean "began to run" rather than "began to ran"