Thursday, March 17, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 26

Eurydice glanced around the room, and clicked her tongue.  "Typical.  Just typical."  She walked to the can of Ancient Mummy dust lying on the ground and shook her head.  "And she just left this lying here.  Oh, Echidnae.  I keep giving you chances, only for you to throw them away, while betraying all my hopes and expectations."  She frowned.  "Just like my former fiance.  And a surprising number of acquaintances and subordinates." 

Eurydice considered things a moment, and decided that almost all of her immediate circle, save, perhaps her father, lacked her innate righteousness, as she picked up the canister, and then began idly shake it around the corners.  She really was getting a tad worried about herself at times, as she felt as if she were becoming a grumpy old maid, despite her youth.  "And talking to myself," she noted.  "That is getting a tad alarming."

"I find one is often the best conversation one can have," came a high female voice.  Eurydice turned to seek the speaker, worrying slightly that perhaps it was herself.  To her initial comfort the speaker was a small woman holding a lute. 

"I... I know you," said Eurydice quietly.  "You're... the lautist from Madame Armida's... house.  The blind one..."

"Tisiphone," whispered the lautist, idly strumming her instruments strings. 

Eurydice nodded.  "Right.  What are you doing here?"

Tisiphone smiled.  "Perhaps the Cthoniques called me from the Folly to hear me play?  I am not without skill, after all."

Eurydice nodded, setting the canister neatly down.  "That sounds possible."  She twisted slightly to her side.  "Not likely, but possible."

"Do I detect a note of skepticism in your voice, le Fidele?" asked Tisiphone.

"Yes," said Eurydice, raising her fists.  "My apologies.  I was considering keeping the entire bit where we dance around the fact that this is highly suspicious in the background, but really, I just didn't have the patience for it." 

Tisiphone shrugged, as she set down her lute.  "Oh, no problems at all."

"You seem very composed for a blind woman facing a very good chance of having the stuffing beaten out of her," noted Eurydice.

Tisiphone raised her own fists.  "Come try me then, le Fidele.  Come try me."

Eurydice took a deep breath, then rushed forward.

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