Saturday, March 19, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 27

Sindri readied his spear as he and Hymir rounded the corner.  "So, this is it, eh?  Battle!  The clang of steel against steel!  The sweet dance of life and death!"

The Jotun glanced at the younger man.  "You've never battled in your life, have you?"

The Mountain Erl frowned. "My brother and I had some nasty fights."

Hymir stared at him impassively. "Did your brother come at you with a blade?"

"He had a stick once," said Sindri.  "It was... pointy.  Ish."

Hymir gave a low sigh. "Just stay calm, and be ready."

"Excellent advice!" declared Sindri excitedly.  "It really is an honor to be standing beside a tough old veteran such as yourself in..."

A strange green missile whirled through the air, striking just over Sindri's shoulder.   It swiftly dissolved into a strange mist.  "Damn,"came a female voice, "I thought I had that aimed better."  A thin pale female Erl stepped out of the shadows.

Hymir leveled his spear at her.  "You are very bad at following advice," he noted to Sindri.

Sindri blinked.  "Hey--that's one of the invaders?"

The woman glanced at Hymir sympathetically.  "Wow.  Not the brightest of your little club, is he?"

"Leave the insults to the legates," said the Jotun, keeping his spear pointed at her. 

Sindri raised his own spear. "And you mocked my 'invasion of maids' theory!"

The woman watched the Jotun's slight wince.  "You know, I'm not trying to kill either of you," she noted.  "Even that would have just left your friend unconscious."

Hymir pressed forward.  "That is nice.  But I do not care.  If you wish to save us trouble, surrender.  Otherwise, anything you say is simply words."

The woman flexed her hands, a greenish mist gathering around it.  "Oh, many of the things I can say are a lot more than that..." she noted.

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