Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 28

"Semele has met a pair of guards," said Armida, eyes still fixed on the blood travelling slowly up the needle.

Arsinoe stared at her, eyes wide. "Really?  How do you..."  She blinked and nodded.  "Oh, right, the magic... thing."

Armida smiled. "It's working.  I can already feel my senses... extending throughout the stones of this place..."  She took a deep breath.  "It is good to be home."

"That's... great, Dark Lord, really, really... great," muttered Leucippe, doing her best to avoid looking at her employer.  "So... I guess you want us to... help Semele, maybe?"

Armida nodded.  "That would be good, yes.  Tisiphone is facing the le Fidele heir, but... doing well.  Semele could use some aid."

Leucippe laughed eagerly.  "And we're just itching to help her.  Aren't we Noe?"

Arsinoe turned towards Echidnae.  "But what about our prisoner?  I mean shouldn't we have someone here to watch her, just in..."

"That is not necessary," stated Armida.  "I can take care of her."

Echidnae gulped, and then managed a nervous laugh.  "Are you sure?  I... I really wouldn't like to be a burd..."

"You are not," said Armida.  "You are safely tied, and I can most assuredly take care of you if it were to become necessary.  Which it most assuredly will not."

Arsinoe nodded as she backed towards the door.  "Well... that's... that's great.  We'll get right on it."  She looked at Echidnae.  "Take care."

"You too," said Echidnae, watching the sisters slide out the entrance.  After a while, she looked back at Armida, staring enraptured at the strange device in the center of the room.  "Why are you doing this, Miss?"

"It's my destiny," answered Armida mechanically.

Echidnae thought it over and shook her head. "That's... that's not a real answer," she said.  "Not by my standards, anyway."

A slight scowl came over Armida's face.  "Then be glad your standards are meaningless to me.  And be quiet."

"Okay," muttered Echidnae, glancing away.

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