Thursday, March 24, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 29

Falerina sat in the back of the potato cart and nodded to herself.  "Well, this certainly went exactly as planned," she said cheerfully.  "Yep, awful old Mansemat is going to suffer, suffer, suffer.  And all at very little cost to myself."

A cold wind blew through the cart.  The Dev shuddered.  "Right.  I should have gotten something warmer to wear."  She frowned.  "Stupid ladies of evening, with their stupid lack of substantial clothing."  She bit her lip and then smiled.  "Well, shouldn't let that get me down.  Things are looking up!  Soon my enemies will fear my might, and learn what it is to cross me." 

Her stomach growled.  Falerina looked at her belly, angrily.  "Shut up!  I will feed you when I can.  Is this clear?"

Her stomach's response to this admonishment was to growl again.  Falerina leaned back in the cart and scowled.  "Hmmph.  Stupid body.  Doing things I don't want it to."  She winced and wiggled her shoulders.  "Owww.  Wing cramp." Her stomach growled yet again.  Falerina regarded the potatoes around her, warily, and then picked one up and took a bite. 

"Ewwww!" she squealed, spitting it out.  "This is most disgustingest thing ever!  More disgusting then boiled eyeballs!  Ewwww!  Ewwww!  It's so awful!"

She glared at the potato in her hand, and then took another bite out of it.  "Well," she muttered, munching on the potato with a disgruntled expression, "I must carefully consider my next move.  Carefully, cautiously, like a... careful, cautious thing waiting to strike!"  She nodded, and took another bite of potato.  "Yes, whoever survives my latest devastating attack will have no chance against my next one."  Her stomach growled again.  She glanced down.  "Quiet!  I'm doing what you want!  Why are you so awful to me?"  She looked at the cart's wall.  "Everyone is so mean to me.  It's unfair!"

Her stomach gave another growl.

Falerina snarled.  "Oh, you are just a jerk!"  She sighed, and crossed her arms.  "Right.  As soon as I reach wherever it is this cart is going, you and I are going our seperate ways.  See how you like that."  She chuckled to herself.  "You'll be like 'oh, please Falerina, let me be your tummy again!'  And I'll be all 'nope!  You were a bad one!  Worst stomach ever!'  That'll show you!"  She took another bite of raw potato and nodded in satisfaction.

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