Saturday, March 26, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 30

"Damn it!" muttered Jean, staring at the wall.  "Another wrong turn. I wish we hadn't lost track of Elaine a while back.  She's the one who's memorized this place."  She glanced around the twisting halls.  "You know, you kind of forget how big and... puzzling this place can be most of the time." 

Her sister glanced around worriedly. "Because it usually isn't so bad," said Viviane.  "Something is happening here."  She bit her lip, and raised her pestle.  "A lot of spells, and protections are... shifting."

Jean blinked.  "That... sounds ominous."

"Because it is," replied Viviane.  "There's something... changing things around here around us.  Which includes a conscious effort to keep us from getting at it.  Using the Castle to do it."

Jean glanced around at the walls, which somehow, some way, had become rather menacing.  "Right."   She raised a hand.  "So, what do we do now?  Blow something up?  Please say 'blow something up'."

Viviane shook her head.  "No, that won't help us.  Things like this... our very power makes us easier to find and sideline.  An overwhelming display of it just... continues that."

Jean gulped.  "But you always want to solve things by blowing them up.  It's one of the traits I've come to depend on... and even love since we reunited."

"Honestly, given all the protection spells on this place, I'm not certain I could blow something up right now," replied Viviane.

"You are scaring me," said Jean.  "You are terrifying your little sister, and not in the way you usually do."

"Well, you should be scared!" snapped Viviane.  "Castle Terribel has been invaded by some monstrous force that is rewriting the rules of this place as we speak."  The sound of footsteps reached their ears.  The sisters wheeled around until they were facing the source.  "Right!  Stand and declare yourself!  Or we will do something!"

Jean nodded fervently at this.  "Yes! Something... violent!  And possibly explosive!"

"Salutations!" said Nisrioch, stepping into view, Elaine and Antea behind him.

"Hey, Mom," said Elaine.  "Nissy's back!"

Antea nodded.  "Yes.  He flew here on a giant bird."

"Actually, it was a demon who chooses to present itself as a giant bird," explained Nisrioch.  The sisters du Lac stared at him.  "But that's beside the point.  How are you two?"

"Surprisingly glad to see you," answered Jean.   Viviane nodded in agreement.

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