Thursday, March 31, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 32

Sindri dodged the strange tangle of thorns that the woman had apparently grown out of her hand, and was using as a weapon.  Despite the efforts of Hymir, their foe had proven both quick and resourceful, dodging and warding off their attacks with an eerie speed and skill.  

"Surrender!" he shouted.  "You can't keep this up forever!"

"Don't have to," said the woman.  "Just have to hold you off in time for the reinforcements to come." 

Sindri heard a howl come from his side, and glanced there to see Hymir tottering, as another woman attacked him with what appeared to be some sort of shimmering threads dangling from her fingers.  The Jotun was gritting his teeth, his pain obvious.  The Mountain Erl barely ducked the lash of his opponent's thorns, and then felt something strike him in the back.  He felt a numbness steal over him.

The first woman smiled and waved her hand the brambles dissolving into dust.  "I was wondering when you guys were going to come..."

"Yeah, well, we were sort of in a hurry to get away ourselves, Semele," noted Hymir's opponent, keeping her eyes on the Jotun's thrashing form.  "Madame Armida's getting spooky."

"Oh, NOW you notice?" muttered Semele.  "It's been like this the moment that lunatic came over.  Suddenly all those great plans receded before getting the family castle back..."

"Hey!" said another woman, stepping over Sindri's head.  He tried to raise an arm or something to trip her, but he realized that his limbs wouldn't move the way he wanted them to.  "Don't insult our great and bold leader!  Who is taking over this entire castle through spooky magic." 

The second woman gave a nod.  "Have to admit Noe, you've got a point."

"Thanks, Sis," said Noe.  "Now stop torturing that old Jotun and just kill him.  No need to be mean about things."

The sister rolled her eyes.  "Fine," she stated, the threads flashing with sudden intense light.  Hymir gave a cry and then was quiet. 

"I forget sometimes how deadly you two can be," said Semele.

"Oh, yes," agreed Noe with a nod.  "We are killing machines."  Sindri's vision gradually went black as the little feeling he had left faded away...

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