Thursday, April 7, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 35

Echidnae Bluebell made her way down the corridor as fast as her legs could take her.  Her breaths came heavy and slow, and she found herself regretting having that thick hasty pudding she'd had earlier for breakfast.  Her stomach was doing flip-flops.  She leaned agaisnt the wall and took a deep breath.

"Hey!" came a familiar voice.  Echidnae gulped and turned.  Arsinoe was walking towards her down the hall.  "I was right!  It's that... serving girl!" she said.  She smiled and waved, revealing a hand streaked with blood.  "Hello!  Nice to see you again!" 

Echidnae debated her options, among them running away quickly, and curling up into a ball.  Considering her lack of breath latter was starting to look very attractive.  Especially after Semele and Leucippe joined their associate.  "What's she doing out?" asked Semele quietly.

Arsinoe shrugged.  "Maybe the boss just let her out.  To celebrate her impending victory."

Leucippe blinked.  "That... doesn't sound like Madame Armida."

"Well, maybe she's turning over a new leaf," said Arsinoe fervently.  "You know... like she said, start off the new regime without a bloodbath."

"Aside from the people we killed," muttered Semele.

"Well, yeah, obviously," noted Arsinoe.  "Come on!  New era!  Tell me you back me on this, sis!"

Leucippe shook her head.  "No, I don't."

"Low blow for family loyalty," muttered Arsinoe.  "I will remember this on your birthday."

"Another excuse to avoid buying me a present, eh?" snapped Leucippe.

Semele sighed and raised her hand.  "All right, kindly come with us, miss..."

A gust of wind arose and knocked her over.   "That isn't going to happen," said Viviane du Lac, her pestle raised.  Jean Crow nodded in agreement.  The pair stepped forward together.

"Ooooh!" said Arsinoe. "Look, Ippe!  We're about to throw down with the Badb and the Nemain!  It'll be epic!  One set of witch sisters, versus another set of witch sisters!"

"Yes," muttered Leucippe, lowering into a crouch.  "Terrific."

"You two are witches?" said Jean.  "What is going on at Armida's?"

"Oh, all sorts of amazing things!" answered Arsinoe with a significant nod.  "That will shortly be revealed."

"Please, shut up," said Viviane.

"I don't know," noted Jean. "She's really making me want to kick her ass."

"Join the club," said Leucippe.

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