Thursday, April 14, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 38

Leucippe jumped back from the jaws of the immense catamount before her, its jaws snapping shut with a crack.  She scurried up the wall, as the massive predator paced towards her.  Across the way she could see her sister and Semele dodging the fiery blasts the Badb was hurling at them.

"Jean, have you caught yours yet?" asked Viviane tiredly. "I'd like some help with mine..."

The catamount turned, and gestured towards Leucippe with a paw.  "Hey, you see how quick these guys are?  Like... cockroaches.  Only... human-sized."  She quickly turned around again and snapped her jaws again.  "Hey!  Don't get any ideas.  You get in range, you're mine."

Viviane shuddered, while unleashing a bolt of lightning from her hand.  "Haven't I told you about talking while you're in one of those shapes?  It creeps me out!"

"Oh, you're just mad I figured this out!"  said Jean. She growled up at Leucippe.  "Come on!  You can't cling to that forever!"

"Yes I can!" said Leucippe very quickly, sending a few stray sparks at the transformed witch below her. 

They fizzled before even reaching Jean. "Ha!  Magic lion, fool!  Ultramagic lion to be precise!" chortled Jean proudly.

Leucippe blinked.  "You're... not a lion..."

"Quick question, lady," snapped Jean.  "Which one of us is quivering in terror right now?  And as we both know the answer to that, can we agree that I get to decide what I am called?"

"Don't worry, sis!" said Arsinoe, cartwheeling over towards them.  "I'm coming to save--ooof!" Leucippe watched as her sister lost her footing thanks to a bit of ice that had been conjured before her, and slammed into the ground.

Viviane chuckled to herself, as she turned to face Semele.  "I'm almost embarassed that you're the best that was sent to face us..."

"Hey, we're actually pretty good," said Semele.  "Just not Witch Queen good..."

"Plus, we're really just supposed to be distracting you," said Arsinoe attempting to rise to her feet.

Her partners winced as she slipped.  "Noe, you do realize the point of plots is to keep them a secret," noted Leucippe.

"Well, yeah," said Arsinoe.  "But she was making me feel bad."

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