Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 40

Viviane chuckled at the sight of the three witches tied up before her.  "Well, this is going well," she said with a grin.  She glanced at Jean and Echidnae.  "What do you think?  Pretty little picture?"

"I prefer it to chasing these idiots around,"noted Jean.

"Or being tied up by them," said Echidnae. "That really wasn't fun."

"We will tell you nothing!" declared Arsinoe grandly.

Leucippe glared at her sister.  "You've already told them a great deal."

"Well, I meant nothing more," explained Arsinoe.  "Qualifications, sis!  Qualifications!"

Semele rolled her eyes.  "Please just kill me now.  It'll be more merciful than what Armida will do.  Or listening to these two."

Viviane clapped her hands together.  "Actually, I'm trying to cut down on my dispensing of summary justice.  So, if you'll just tell me what the meaning of all this is..."

"Armida is Nerghal's daughter, and she's trying to take over the castle," came the familiar voice of Nisrioch.  "Through a bit of old magic."

Jean glanced around.  "Wha...?  Nisrioch--you knew this?  And you didn't mention it?"

"He's known for a while," came the dark tones of Morgaine.  "And said nothin'."

Jean glared around.  "Shoulda seen... hey, where are you guys?  It's hard to be properly mad at you when I can't see you."

"We should be there... now!" declared Nisrioch grandly, as he emerged from a hall that apparently had been set into the ceiling.  He glanced around and blinked.  "Oh, dear.  Things are progressing rather further than I imagined..."

Morgaine and Elaine appeared behind him, glancing at the floor below with interest.  "Should we... jump, maybe?" asked Elaine.

"I wouldn't recommend it," said Nisrioch.

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