Saturday, April 23, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 42

"And here we go," said Nisrioch, as he helped Eurydice to the floor.  He gave a fervant nod.  "Well, we certainly solved this problem!"

Eurydice gave a bow.  "I thank you, Your Excellency," she stated, then glared at Echidnae.  "Well, someone did not take their insect exterminating duties as seriously as they should." 

"I was kidnapped and threatened by witch-assassins," said Echidnae.  "And then freed by a ghost.  I really, really don't need this right now."

Eurydice crossed her arms.  "Well, I just fought a duel with a blind witch-assassin, and do you see me whining about it?  No!  I continue to curse my failure to properly do my duties."

Viviane massaged her temples."Eurydice, now is not the time."

The chambermaid bowed.  "My apologies, Your Magnificence.  It was not my intent to disturb you."

The Badb gave a pained nod to this.  Elaine glanced at her mother.  "Headache getting worse?" she whispered.

"Exponentially," muttered Viviane.

Morgaine glanced around.  "So where to now?  'Cause, at the moment, I'm not sure this room isn't going to... I don't know, suddenly lose the floor or something."

"I can show you where the magic room is," said Echidnae quietly.  "Where I was kidnapped to and threatened.  With death."

Jean stared at her for a moment.  "We're going to have to give you a vacation after this, won't we?"

Echidnae stared blankly ahead for a long time, then nodded.  "That sounds nice," she said faintly.

Nisrioch smiled.  "You know--if you're looking for places to go, the Painted Beaches are very nice..."

"That does sound pleasant," muttered Echidnae.

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  1. The third instance of Eurydice should be Echidnae, I think.

    You do wonder why Eurydice is so completely immune to hearing how ridiculous she's being.