Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 43

"All worth it," muttered Armida to herself as she strode from the chamber.  "All the years, all the sacrifices, all the secrets, all the plots, all the murders, all worth it.  It has all been to come to this moment, this shining moment, where all is righted, where all is made whole, and pure again."  She paused a moment, leaning against the wall, and shut her mismatched eyes. 

"I am sorry, Mother, but he didn't see that," she whispered plaintively. "I know you loved him, but he... never really understood."  Then she took a deep breath and continued on her way.  She felt the Castle around her.  Oh, she was blind to a few chambers and rooms, but most of it was visible to her now. 

No, no, visible was a rather poor word to use.  She was a part of these rooms, somehow.  She felt them, as if they were the tips of her toes.  It took concentration to really hone in on them, but there was always the vague tickle of them, at the back of her mind.

"Worth it," she said again, with a fervent nod.  "Worth it.  I will leave this to my daughter.  All this.  And a better world.  Much better."  She frowned.  She would of course have to deal with the rest of the Necklace's Pendent, but that would be easy.  Most of them were as blind and arrogant as Falerina Asurana, in their own twisted ways.

Easy, but not effortless.  "A lot of killing ahead of me," she whispered.  "But... it will be worth it.  It will be worth it." 

She'd felt Tisiphone perish.  That had hurt.  Brought to mind the little blind girl she'd found, begging for scraps of food.  Whose inner eyes she'd opened.   Who'd smiled at her, long ago.

Let it go.  This was a war.  There were always going to be casualties.  She'd known that, for years.  Learned it from her father, when her mother died.

It occurred to her she couldn't remember her mother's face anymore.  Oh, she could recall all sorts of things about her, in a strange abstract manner, but not her face.

Armida clenched her teeth.  "All worth it, all worth it, all worth it," she repeated to herself.

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  1. Ah, there we go. Villains really do have breakdowns a lot. Amfortas, Armida...

    Maybe it's something about the "A" in their names.