Saturday, April 30, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 45

"Are you sure that was a good idea?" Viviane asked Nisrioch. 

Nisrioch nodded.  "All must go to the place appointed," he said quietly.

"I... just... I want them to be safe... Elaine and... all of them," muttered Viviane glancing away.

"They'll be... fine, Viv," said Jean.  "Well... relatively fine, I suppose."

"Right, Elaine's tough, so is Eurydice, and Nissy has... some plan he's following here," said Morgaine, reassuredly patting Viviane's arm.  "Yep.  We're gonna be fine.  Fine, I tell you!  Fine!"

"Morgaine, you're hurting my arm with the frenzied patting," said Viviane.

"Sorry," said Morgaine backing away.  "But we're on this!  That's the important part!"  She gestured to the three witches bound before the.  "I mean, you beat these guys, and you didn't have us with you!"  She slapped her hands together.  "Us against Armida isn't even going to be a contest."

"I wouldn't be so sure of that," said Armida, as she ambled into the chamber, smiling faintly.  "Hello, Nisrioch."

"Hello, Armida," answered the tall Dark Lord. "Shame things have to end like this?"

"We always knew it would, didn't we?" answered Armida.  "Especially you."

"The Sight doesn't work that way," said Nisrioch. "I've suspected it would, but hoped it wouldn't."

Armida chuckled at that. "Your naivete is somewhat endearing."

"Okay, should have expected you to show up like that," stated Morgaine striding forward, "but the time has come for me to end your evil family-screwing reign of terror!  And trust me, I'm the undying sorceress to do--"

Armida snapped her fingers.  Morgaine went flying backwards.  "First cousins once removed is suddenly the height of decadence now?," said Armida quietly

"I told her that myself," noted Nisrioch.  "But you know how she is."

"True," said Armida, nodding.


  1. I'm surprised Morgaine was that easily beaten. Again. Armida must be really something.

  2. Oh, wait, I just remembered! All of Falerina's magical nonsense. That probably helps her. So she's two superpowered crazy people (effectively) for the price of one, plus Castle. Nice.