Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 46

Armida regarded the small group before her with a weary contempt.  "So, have I shocked you all into silence?  I must say, this is all rather disappointing.  The pathetic remnants of House du Lac, my mad ex-lover, and a corpse that doesn't know how to stay dead."

Morgaine rose from the floor, staggering.  "Ha!  This corpse will show..."

Armida flung against the wall again.  "Learned your lesson yet?"

"Oh, yes," muttered Morgaine, glaring at her.  "I' learning that I beyond a doubt want to kick your ass for.. whatever you did to Nerghal.  And I had issues with Nerghal."

Armida frowned at that.  "If it comforts you, think of it as sending him someplace... far away.  Where he can rest."

"Didn't believe that when Breus told me that was what happened to my cat," muttered Morgaine as she got to her feet again.

"That is your choice," answered Armida with a yawn.  She chuckled at Viviane and Jean.  "Have I so put the fear in you that the Badb and the Nemain are quivering in terror of me?  That would be a grand accomplishment."

"Oh, no," said Viviane, quietly.  "True, I've been thinking about flattening you for some time, but my little sister has taught me the value of sometimes holding back on these things. So, while you've been hurtling the one person here who can best handle being thrown against the walls, Jean and I have been watching how you do it."

Jean nodded, leaning forward.  "Yep.  See, that crazy ex-lover of yours standing over there taught me how to get a good idea of how to do things like that.  And honestly, no matter what power Castle Terribel is pumping you with at the moment--she's the Queen of the Old Magic, and I'm her heir.  So... your advantage isn't as much as you imagine."  She passed her hands together, a ball of wind forming in them.  "As we're going to show you."

"With great pleasure," added Viviane as fire gathered at the tip of her pestle.  She hurled a ball of flame at Armida, as Jean released a gust of wind.

Armida suddenly tugged the thin length of cord around her arm free, the strand turning into a whip as she did so.   With a single crack of it, she held back the du Lac sisters' attacks, and then chuckled.  As the pair stared at her, she gave a bow.  "The Queen of the Graves greets her sisters of Sea and Sky."

Viviane gulped.  "That... There hasn't been a Medb in centuries..."

Armida shook her head.  "You seem to make a habit of being wrong, Badb.  It's... rather disappointing.  And irritating."

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