Thursday, May 5, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 47

Jean stared at the woman looming before her.  Perhaps it was unjust of her, but she was finding Armida's smirk increasingly irritating.  Armida dangled her whip in her hands, her mismatched eyes peering at the younger witch.  "Right," muttered Jean.  "Not much hope of you agreeing to some sort of truce in the name of... witchy solidarity?"

"Didn't stop you from attacking mine, did it?" said Armida.  She gave a shrug.  "The old courts never did get along, really.  Such a shame.  All that power, and we used it against ourselves so long, until eventually, there were almost none of us left..."

"Which somehow lead to you doing the same thing centuries later," muttered Viviane.

"Well, you more or less forced it on me, didn't you?" said Armida.  "Still--I will try to be sparing.  And if worse comes to worse... well, look around you."  She gestured to the women under the du Lac's bonds.  "From bits and pieces I've built new lines, and new powers, creating a new court for myself.  While you have barely managed to keep the one you had together."

"Hey," snapped Viviane.  "I had a lot on my plate!"

"And I didn't?" noted Armida.  "You weren't the only one who had Shaddad hunting for you.  In fact he was at it quite a bit longer in my case.  And yet, as I said..."

"Yes, yes, you've trained your own little witch society, and used them to make money while you were at it," snapped Jean.  "Great for you.  You're an inspiration for us all."

Armida chuckled.  "Such bitterness.  I am surprised."

"I'm just really sick of hearing you explain how great you are," muttered Jean.  She glanced at Nisrioch.  "Please tell me you're going to kick her ass soon."

Nisrioch shrugged.  "I'm not."  His former apprentice stared at him in dull amazement.  "She holds all advantages at the moment.  I've Seen our battles.  They do not go well for me."

Armida smiled.  "I'm glad to see one of you has accepted the inevitable."

Nisrioch smiled back her.  "You make two false assumptions, Armida.  I have not accepted anything, and you are far from inevitable."  He shrugged.  "Honestly, you are one of the most evitable individuals I've ever met.  And I've met many evitable people."

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