Saturday, May 7, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 48

The Medb kept her eyes fixed on Nisrioch.  "You seem very confident as you say that."

"As I told you, I See things," noted the half-demon.  "Including your defeat."

Armida stared a moment, and then laughed. "Of course.  I should have seen it.  You are plotting something, Nisrioch.  After all, it's what you always do." 

"Oh, I am not plotting anything at the moment," said Nisrioch.  "It's all finished.  You've all but lost, Armida."

She snickered at that.  "If this... pathetic attempt at a bluff is all you have then..."  She stiffened.  "No.  You... you bastard..."

"True," said Nisrioch.  "I've still helped beat you."

"All a..." muttered Armida.

"I believe you were trying something similar," noted Nisrioch.  "Of course, you lacked certain assets that were available to me..."

"A child snapped," snapped Armida.  "I... She's your daughter, isn't she?  Your own daughter..."

"You forced my hand," said Nisrioch. 

"Ah HA!" shouted Morgaine as she leapt at Armida.  The witch casually flung her away. 

"And you have forced mine," muttered Armida as she grew insubstantial and went through the floor.

Morgaine glanced at her brother, frowning.  "Well, that was humiliating."

"You really shouldn't announce surprise attacks," said Nisrioch.  "It dulls their effectiveness."  He waved his hand, a shimmering glowing wall appearing before him.  A greenish bolt of energy struck it and was deflected.

Arsinoe frowned as Semele readied another attack. "Ahhh.  And we actually followed your advice."

Jean rolled her eyes.  "Great.  A rematch."

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  1. Did you mean to have "snapped" appear twice in a row? It's plausible, but looks unintentional.