Saturday, May 14, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 51

Eurydice shook her head furiously as she stared at twisting walls.  "Oh, the work that is going to be needed after this... fiasco."

"I don't care," said Echidnae.  "I'll be on vacation.  A long, long vacation."  She smiled blissfully.  "And I will sleep long into the morning during it.  In comfy beds.  With thick blankets."  The young Erl gave a delighted shudder.  "Oh, it will be so grand!"

Eurydice glanced away, scowling.  "Grand for you, lazybones."

"Yes," agreed Echidnae.  "Grand for me."

Antea smiled.  "I am so pleased for you, Miss Bluebell.  It is mete and fitting that such loyal service as yours be rewarded." She turned to Eurydice.  "As yours will be as well, Miss le Fidele.  Why, if you should desire a vacation for yourself..."

Eurydice's eyes went wide.  "Never suggest that to me again, Madame Antea."  She leaned towards the taller Erl, standing on her tiptoes.  "NEVER!"  She backed away and coughed awkwardly.  "Is that clear?" She coughed again. "Ma'am?"

"Oh, yes," said Antea pleasantly.  "Perfectly.  Please understand that the offer was kindly and pleasantly meant."

Eurydice nodded grimly.  "Of course.  Understand, no insult was meant, but that cut close to..."

"I am fine," said Antea.  "All is fine.  Well, aside from the mad attempt to seize the Castle by my first cousin, twice removed.  Which should resolve shortly.  One way or another."

Echidnae turned to Antea.  "Do... who do you think will win?"

Antea smiled brightly.  "Who do you think?" she asked.  A strange tinkling sound filled the air, as if a delicate set of bells was being rung.  "Ahh, here it comes..."  A bright golden light rushed through the hall and then faded out.  Antea nodded.  "There.  I think it is done.  Perhaps."

Eurydice stared at her.  "You... don't know?"

"Oh, no," answered Antea.  "I never learnt about this sort of thing.  I am simply guessing."  She nodded.  "I'm very good at guessing things."

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