Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 58

Grandmaster Radiance of the Tower stared before him.  "I do not trust her," he said softly, the words issuing faintly from his dead, desiccated lips.

"It is good that I do not ask you to trust her, then," said the flickering darkness of Sutekh before him.  "She is to be used, until she is used up."  The inky black shadow seemed to actually contort in something close to amusement at that.  "Is this acceptable to you?"

The Grandmaster found himself wishing his mouth was capable of frowning.  "It is your design.  I am but a humble participant in it."  He briefly imagined himself to be sweating, even though he knew that was impossible.

"Oh, quite," said Sutekh.  "We have need of her.  The Prince... the Prince is all but used up."

"I feel no such thing," said Grandmaster Radiance.  "His soul still flares brightly when I see it..."

"Brightly, yes," came the dark voice of Sutekh.  "Like a fire in the rain, flaring up erratically, even as it is extinguished.  He is breaking, and even if survives the breaking, what remains will be of no more use to us.  But the Dev... she avoids all true damage, by refusing to acknowledge truth.  Her little soul is just what we have need of.  For now."  There was a silence.  "Do not worry yourself overmuch.  She will be my concern for the immediate future.  Stay focussed on the war.  There is blood to be spilled."

"Of course, King Sutekh."  The Grandmaster considered matters.  "It is good the Medb no longer bothers us."

"Agreed.  Her ambitions served us for a time," said Sutekh, quietly, "but always, always she saw herself as a player, not a piece.  And that always lead to her trying to play us.  We cannot have such allies, can we, Pearl?"

"Of course not, Onyx," said Grandmaster Radiance, even as he wondered if this was the ancient King suggesting that the Grandmaster was just such an ally.  He couldn't be sure, and finally gave up.  He would simply have to act as if the King suspected and hope that this suspicion wasn't enough to prevent his ultimate goal from his grasp.

He had not given up all to fail at this, the only service to the Light he was truly capable of. 

He simply couldn't.

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  1. Ah, so it's as I thought. All of the enemies, or at least all of the really important ones, are in the Necklace. So they're less a side-enemy and more just an organization of main-enemies.