Thursday, May 19, 2016

Around Again It Comes--Part 53

In a small alley, leagues away from Castle Terribel, Falerina was having a sick. 

"Stupid potatoes!" she muttered to herself, and then immediately wished she hadn't as this made her think about what she had just forced out of her.  Which made her... force out a little more.  And then a little more after that.

When she was finally finished, she wiped her mouth with her sleeve.  "Why won't they stay in my belly?" she whined plaintively.  Falerina flopped on the ground.  "I'm so hungry!"

Poor, poor child,
came a whispered voice.  All alone.

The Dev looked around furtively.  "Who's talking?  Please make yourself not invisible. If you can."  She coughed. "I have had very bad experiences with people I can't see who talk to me and turn out not to exist."  She bit her lip. "It was very embarrassing."

You know who I am,
said the whisper. We've talked before, when you sat in the Pendant...
Falerina considered things.  "Hmm, is that... is that Onyx? You have the same dust in your throat voice..."

Indeed.  Very clever of you.  Very clever.

"Why thank you," said Falerina brightly.  "That's--"  She frowned.  "Wait, you tried to kill me.  More or less."

Ahh, that was only a clever plan.  To fool that witch who just also tried to kill you now.  We never really meant you to die.

"Oh, that makes sense," said Falerina.  "I mean, why would anyone really want me to die?  I'm too wonderful." 

Yes, wonderful and clever, and oh, so useful.  You could be so useful to me. 

Falerina gulped.  "Really?" she said, the hope obvious in her voice.

Oh, yes.  And all you'll have to do is head south, and come to a place where we can... talk.  More freely than here, at least...

"Ooooh, I can do that!" said Falerina with a nod.  "I'm very good at going to places."

Yes, I thought you would be.  You seem to be the type. So let us discuss this further, my dear...

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