Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Meetings and Conferences--Part 13

Sacripant glanced at the massive bell-tower ringing out the the time in the town square.  He'd been supposed to meet his contact with the Talossan government here, and now, after nearly half an hour, was starting to wonder if this man existed.  Which had him wondering if perhaps he should go back to the airship, while it was still here, and listen to the pilot explaining how cloves were selling in the Free Cities.

Which was how he knew he was bored out of his skull, at least, to an even greater degree than listening to her would have made him.

"Are you... Fenwater, of the Cthonique Guard?" came a quiet voice.

"Fenswater," he replied, turning to see the pale man with long brown hair and a face full of stubble.  "Yes, that's me."

"Nathan Aaronson, of the Lamplighters," said the man.  He glanced away.  "I... found the body."

"Ahh."  Sacripant offered his hand. "Well, it will be a pleasure working with you."

Nathan nodded, shaking the Marsh Erl's hand awkwardly.  "Yes. Yes.  Indeed.  Yes."  He bit his lip and looked away.  "Do you know where you will be staying?  While you are here?"

Sacripant stared for a moment.  "I thought that was taken care of."

Nathan's eyes went wide.  "Ahh.  That.. does make some difficulties."  He coughed.  "I... there's a spare room at my house.  You can stay there, while we look for an available room to let..."  He leaned forward.  "It's not very fancy."

"I've slept in barracks and tents," replied Sacripant.  "I'm sure you're room is fine.  Hell, I'm sure your shed would be fine, if it came down to that."

Nathan looked away, as they walked down the streets of Talossa. "I don't have a shed."

"It was just a..." began Sacripant.

"My cousin does, though," continued Nathan.  He gulped.  "It's magnificent."

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