Thursday, August 4, 2016

Meetings and Conferences--Part 8

"Have to say," noted the airship pilot cheerily, "it's such a pleasure taking these ships over the River."

Sacripant nodded.  "Indeed?" he said at last, increasingly aware that the Goblin expected a response.

"Oh, yes," said the pilot with a smile.  "Think of it!  When I was a lass, there was none of these flying about, and now--not only am I flying them, but I'm flying them to the Lands of Light!  Across the river!"  She glanced at him.  "You know, we're doing great business over there!  Why, bringing in the Free Cities has more than doubled our spice exports!"

"Fascinating," muttered Sacripant.

"It is," agreed the pilot.  "And remember, we've just begun.  Who knows where the trade will be in a year or two?  We could see it double again!  Or even triple!  Can you imagine what that sort of change in our trade patterns could do for the Emporium?  It's unprecedented!  The wealth available here is astonishing!"

Sacripant glanced away.  "Astonishing," he mumbled.

"It  is," answered the pilot with a nod.  "So what are you doing in Montfort?"

"Waiting for the ship to go to Orgagna," he answered.

The pilot blinked at that.  "Ahh.  And what are you doing in Orgagna?"

"Waiting for the ship to go to Talossa," answered Sacripant.

The pilot bit her lip.  "When we hit Talossa, are you just waiting for the ship to go to Bellamarina, or...?"

"No, no, I've got business in Talossa," answered Sacripant.  "Nothing too important.  Just a murder to look into."

The pilot gulped at that.  "Ahh."  She was silent for a moment, then nodded.  "You see, I prefer spice trade.  Nobody gets hurt.  Unless they try to do something foolish like swallow a lot of cinnamon all at once."

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