Thursday, September 29, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 11

The woman was sitting at a bench, eating a grilled sausage when Sacripant and Nathan approached her.  "You... you were the musician..." said Sacripant.

"Hello Nina," said Nathan quietly.

"Lamplighter," answered Nina, going back to her meal.

"I greeted you by  name," Nathan chided.

"Very well," Nina answered with a smirk.  "Nathan the Lamplighter.  Why do you darken my presnece at the moment?"

"I think you stole my friend's purse," answered Nathan, gesturing to Sacripant. 

"I?" said Nina.  "I am a street musician! I play the harp prettily to the applause of the crowd..."

"While your siblings lift purses," replied Nathan.

Nina smirked at that.  "The little dears need to do something."  She glanced at Sacripant.  "Anyway, he's no Lamplighter, so it's no business of yours, I believe."

"He's a guest, under our protection," said Nathan.  "Mine specifically."

"That should have been made clear," said Nina.

"The purse, Nina," snapped Nathan.

With a grumble, the woman produced it and tossed it at the Erl's feet.  "Oh, very well.  Count the coins if you wish--you'll find we didn't spend any of your strange Nightlander money yet. "

Sacripant picked it up and then glanced inside.  "I liked your song!" he said accusingly, as he replaced it on his belt.

"Then you have good taste," she said, going back to her meal. "Now... off with you."

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