Saturday, September 17, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 6

The sun was setting and the evening was beginning as Nathan made his way through the streets, lighting the lamps.  He'd drawn the early shift tonight, something he was grateful for.  It would be good to see Monica in the evening for once...

"Umm, hello!" came a vaguely familiar voice tinged with desperation.  Nathan glanced down the street to his Erl houseguest standing there in a stained cloak, glancing around nervously.  He considered things for a moment, then sighed and walked towards the Nightlander.

"Fenswater," said Nathan flatly.  "What are you doing here?"

"Being lost, hungry and broke," said Sacripant.  "Help me please."

Nathan stared for a second.  "You don't have much pride, do you?"

"Oh, I have plenty," answered the Erl.  "But not a drop of false pride.  You lose that quickly in the Guard." 

"Ahh."  Nathan nodded.  "So... how exactly did you run out of money?  You had plenty last I..."

"Stolen," answered Sacripant.  "By children." Nathan gave another nod at that.  "You don't seem surprised," noted the Erl.

"Most pickpockets are children," replied the Lamplighter with a shrug.  "The Guild  like to start them young."

Sacripant stared.  "The... Guild?  There's a guild of pickpockets in this city...?"

"A guild of thieves," answered Nathan.  "Well... criminals in general really.  Used to be a guild for beggars--still is to a degree--but they realized crime paid better."

"And you don't try to catch them, or anything?" said Sacripant.

"Not my job," said Nathan.  "I just light lamps, and stop random crimes and acts of violence."  He peered at Sacripant for a moment.  "Still..."    He gestured.  "Come on."

"Where are we going?" asked Sacripant, falling behind the Lamplighter.

"To get you a bowl of soup," replied Nathan.  "You said you were hungry."

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