Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 7

Nathan watched the Erl gulping down a mouthful of noodles.  "These are good!" declared Sacripant.  He glanced at the Lamplighter.  "I'm kind of surprised at all the stalls and stands and carts for food you have in Talossa...  Closest things to them in the Folly is coffee houses."

"They keep people fed," answered Nathan.  "You feeling better now?"

"Well, full at least," said Sacripant.  He put the bowl to his lips and drank down the broth.  As Nathan watch, the Erl licked around his lips with a rather large, long tongue.  "Very good."  He smiled at Nathan, who turned away awkwardly.

"So," began Nathan, "where exactly were you when you were purse was lifted?"

Sacripant scratched his head.  "Umm, let's see... You know the street with a hippopotamus statue?"

Nathan nodded.  "Water Street?"

"Ahh, thanks," said the Erl.  "I was two streets to the west of that,"

"That would be the Fine Way," answered Nathan.  He sighed.  "Come with me."

"You're saying that a lot, tonight," noted Sacripant as he fell in beside the Lamplighter.

"You've gotten yourself in a bit of a mess," answered Nathan.

"True," agreed Sacripant.  He yawned.  "So... Fine Way?"

Nathan shrugged.  "It used to be a very well-to-do neighborhood."

Sacripant's eyes went wide.  "What happened?"

"The same thing that happened to the rest of Talossa," answered Nathan.  "Time."

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