Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 19

The two men were seated in a back booth, a game of backgammon between them.  One wore a bright yellow hat--the other was bare-headed, his hair a tangled brown mop.

"So... I believe you are down a backgammon?" said the man with the yellow hat.

"A gammon only," said his companion.  "Do not try to take advantage of me."

"I could make the same complaint," replied the man with the yellow hat.  "Only a gammon you insist?"

"Pointedly," replied the other man.

The man with the yellow hat nodded.  "Shall we double the stakes?  It would allow you to recoup your losses."

"Too rich for my blood," said the other man, glancing around the room.

The man with the yellow hat dangled the doubling cube before the man's face temptingly "Are you certain?" he asked.

"Positive," replied the other man.

The man with the yellow hat nodded, and then stood up.  "I fear I have forgotten my purse.  Give me a moment, and I will go get it."

The other man nodded.  "Of course."  He signaled for a drink.  As always it was brought promptly, and was excellent.  At times like this, the man had to wonder what they thought of the pair of them.  Most likely, nothing, as the help here was quite professional.

Still, he did have to wonder if they noticed that the pair of them had never actually played a game of backgammon in all their years meeting here. 

He actually wondered if the man with the yellow hat was any good at it.  It'd be interesting to see.

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