Thursday, October 27, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 23

"And then what?" asked the short man with the peg-leg, as he and his companion stood beneath an awning out of the pouring rain.

"She left," answered his companion, a tall man with a red scarf and two golden teeth.

The man with the peg-leg glared at him.  "That's it?  You bore me out of my head with that tale for the last hour, and there's no real ending, just an abrupt halt?"

The tall man shrugged.  "Just trying to pass the time, really," he noted.  "You know how these things run."

"Of course, I do," muttered the man with the peg-leg.  "But that doesn't mean I need you wasting my time."

"It's not wasting your time, it's keeping boredom at bay as we wait for these two to come out," answered the tall man.  He stared at the Sexton Hall, and shuddered.  "I hate this part of town.  So many dead people under your feet."

"That's the same all over," replied the man with the peg-leg.

"I pretty sure the Sexton Hall has more corpses than some random section of Talossa," said the tall man.

"Ha!  That's what you think!" said the man with the peg-leg.  "Bodies only wind up with the Sextons if people find them.  If they don't, they stay where they lie.  Throw in family tombs, and you may  be certain, there are bodies all over the city that you don't know about."

"If you say so," said the tall man.

"I most certainly do," said the man with the peg-leg.  "So... where should we hide the Erl this time?"

"A better place than last time," answered the tall man.

"Well, obviously!" snapped the man with the peg-leg.

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