Thursday, December 1, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 29

The short man with a pegleg took a deep breath as he leaned against the wall.   "Did the best I could," he repeated to himself.  "Damned good that I didn't get myself caught like that fool."  He nodded fervently, then glanced around.  After a long moment, he took a relieved breath.

"Camber," said the silky voice.  "I notice your partner isn't with you."

Camber gulped.  "Ahh.  Yes.  Regrettable, but... you know the risks..."  His eyes darted around, trying to pry out the speaker's location. 

"The risks for all of us," said the Grand Master, stepping out of the dark.  "He might have been captured."

Camber gulped.  "He knows nothing of value," he said.

The Grand Master raised an eyebrow. "A member of our guild in good-standing knows nothing of value?" he noted, playing idly with a a long thin knife that he was suddenly holding, to Camber's surprise and worry.

"Well, nothing he would tell," snapped Camber nervously.  "He... is a member of good standing.  Not some novice.  He would never reveal a true secret of our order."

The Grand Master stepped forward, and leaned towards Camber's ear.  "For your sake, you had better be sure of that."  He backed away.  "And I am giving you a chance.  But only one, Camber. Only one."  He turned away.  "And only for a while.  If you are not certain by tomorrow evening that he will not talk... well, then I'll first make certain you don't.  Is this clear?"

Camber nodded, then realized that the Grand Master couldn't see him, or... probably couldn't.  "Perfectly, sir," he noted, his hand going to his jacket.

"Good," said the Grand Master.  "Now, move your hand away from that knife, or I will shorten your chances immediately."

Camber pulled his hand back, staring at the Grand Master in wonder.  "How...?"

"There's a reason I outrank you," he said, as he vanished into the dark.

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