Saturday, December 3, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 30

"So you can tell us nothing?" said Sacripant, rolling his eyes.

"You say that like it surprises you," noted Nathan.  He gestured to the prisoner, who continued to grin broadly.  "I mean... look at him."

"I know," said the Erl, wincing.  "But you hope that something stuck in there."

The prisoner blinked.  "Hey, that sounds like you're insulting me.  For something that is not my fault.  The Guild works to minimize risk for its clients.  We do not get contacted by those who hire us--they contact our bosses, who contact their people, who contact us.  Layers upon layers.  Like a cake."  He smiled.  "Hey, you don't happen to have..."

"We have no food whatsoever," stated Nathan.

"Ohh."  The prisoner looked at his feet, disappointed.  "I see.  Maybe... maybe you could go get some food?  Maybe?"

Nathan and Sacripant stared at each other for a moment.  Finally, the Lamplighter sighed.  "You want some more noodles?" he asked.

"Yeah, those things are great," said Sacripant.

"I'm... more in the mood for a crepe," said the prisoner.  "Don't know why.  Just am."  He grinned at Nathan.  "You know, that stall in the Blue Plaza makes the best..."

"You want those, you're paying for them," said Nathan.

"Sure, sure," said the prisoner.  "I've got the money in my coin purse.  If you'll untie me..."

The pair simply stared at them.  The prisoner looked back.  "So... no, then?"  They continued to stare.  "Just for a moment?"  He smiled.  "I'll let you tie me up again, lickety-split. I promise!"

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