Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 31

Alice stirred the pot and threw in a dash of pepper.  Good noodles took proper seasoning, and if Alice did anything well, it was make good noodles.  And it showed--she was making good money these days, especially with the price of pepper coming down.

"Hey, Alice," came a familiar voice.  "Two bowls of noodles."

Alice smiled to herself, and turned to see her old friend standing there.  "Why, Nathan.  A delight as always.  How's Monica?  And the children?"

"Good as gold," said Nathan distractedly.  "And how about little Mortimer?"

"Oh, happy as a lark," said Alice, ladling out the noodles.  "So... two bowls.  Big appetite."

Nathan looked around unhappily. "Yes," he said flatly.  "Very."

"Have you heard about the scuffle outside the Sextons?" she said.  "People said somebody tried to kill someone else."

"That... seems vague," noted Nathan. 

Alice glanced up and down the street and leaned towards the Lamplighter confidentially.  "Well, I hear it was one of the Guild of Seamstresses against one of the other Guild of Seamstresses."

Nathan nodded.  "Ahh.  Yes."

"But I also hear it might have been the one of the Gatekeepers against one of the Gamblers," she continued.

"Well, that also seems probable," noted Nathan.

"But the best part is, they say that an Erl took part in the fight!" said Alice cheerily.

Nathan nodded.  "I'd... like the bowls now, if you don't mind."

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