Saturday, December 17, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 36

"Have to say, you two do a quality job holding me captive," said Lamorac cheerfully, as he glanced around the room of the new safe house.  "No harsh words, no awful resentment, and you know just how to tie a guy up."  He awkwardly swiveled his head around to take a look at his captors.  "Really, this is terrific."

"Glad you like it," said Sacripant, as he escorted Nathan from the chamber.  "Now, if you give us a moment..."

"Sure thing!" said Lamorac.  "I'm not going anywhere!"

Sacripant nodded at him, then shut the door.  "So what's that about?" asked Nathan.  "And why can't you share it in front of laughing boy in there?"

"Second question first," said Sacripant.  "One of my bosses is a cheerful guy, slightly absent-minded.  Makes you think that's all that's going on his head is odd fancies.  It isn't.  As for the first--something that Lamorac said makes me think that he either killed that Erl that you found or was there when it happened."

Nathan frowned.  "What was it?"

"Nothing to specific," replied Sacripant.  "Just an odd misstatement.  I would have mentioned it earlier, but you were all 'we got a move now'."

"And you couldn't have mentioned it while we were eating?" asked the Lamplighter.

"What is looking more and more like a dangerous conspiracy is not light dinner conversation," snapped Sacripant.  "Anyway, tough talking with those noodles in your mouth."  He sighed.  "The entire reason I'm here is I was supposed to look into the man's death."

"Who was he?" asked Nathan. "What ranked them sending you here?"

"He was a member of... well, think of it as the capital of the Plains' version of your Council of Ancients," said Sacripant.  "Here on personal business.  The Mayor wants it looked into, and the Cthoniques like to keep the Mayor of the Folly happy."

Nathan nodded. "So.. this guy was the Mayor's friend?"

"No, actually a political enemy, but..."  Sacripant waved his hand.  "Well, let's just say the Folly's council members stick together on things like this, and leave it at that.

"Odd-sounding place," noted Nathan.

"You would say that," muttered Sacripant.

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