Saturday, December 24, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 39

"...So, you see where we stand on this?" said Grunewald, still giving that warm, grandfatherly smile. 

Nathan managed a dull nod.

Morell leaned forward.  "We have a duty to the Council, Nathan.  A sacred duty, as Lamplighters..."

Grunewald raised his hand.  "He understands, Morell." 

The younger man turned away, frowning.  "I was simply... clarifying things."

Ulrich chuckled to himself.  "Well, don't clarify things too harshly.  We are all brothers of the Guild, after all."  He glanced at Nathan. "Isn't that true, Nathan?"

Nathan stared ahead a moment, and then nodded again. "Yes.  Yes, I suppose it is."

Grunewald glanced at his fellows, standing to his feet.  "See?  I told you all that Nathan would be all right.  A reasonable man.  Very sensible.  And from a good Lamplighter family.  One that goes back for generations."

Ulrich nodded.  "Very true," he said, slapping Nathan lightly on the shoulder.  Nathan flinched slightly at that.

Morell grimaced and joined the other two in leaving Nathan's house.  "I hope so.  I sincerely do."  He gave Nathan a sharp glance, and exited.

Nathan sat there for a while in silence.  Monica set a glass of wine before him.  "How is Sacripant?" she asked.

"That man could fight his way out of the Seventy Hells," replied Nathan quietly.

"Well, that's good," said Monica with a smile.

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