Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 40

Sacripant sat there, sharpening his knife, whistling to himself. 

"You really seem to enjoy that," noted Lamorac, watching with interest.

"Not really," said Sacripant.  "Sort of picked up the habit from my fiancee."  He turned the blade over near the candle.  "Clears my head."

"Your... fiancee sharpens knives?" muttered Lamorac.

"My fiancee uses knives," replied Sacripant.  "If I spook you, she'd flat out terrify you."

Lamorac nodded.  "Well... you have interesting taste in women, apparently."  He smiled broadly.  "Hope the marriage goes well."

Sacripant slipped the knife back into its sheath.  "Well, thank you.  There a lady friend waiting for you?"

"Sort of," said Lamorac.  "Arranged marriage.  Knife-Sharpener family thing."  He managed a shrug.  "The families have fights, you see.  So it's good to have marriages to tie up the bloodlines to keep things from getting... well, too heated.  I've got someone I'll be tied to when we're both old enough."  He smiled awkwardly.  "She's quite nice.  Apparently.  I've never met her."

Sacripant shook his head.  "You guys seem to get more pathetic the more I learn about you."

"Hey!" muttered Lamorac resentfully.  "That's not nice."

"I'm the man who will keep you alive if your buddies try to kill you," said Sacripant.  "Which they appear to be considering.  Don't take it the wrong way Lamorac, but you aren't dealing with one of your normal cases where they try to bring you home alive."

"You don't know that for sure," said Lamorac.  "I'm a Guild member!  I've paid my dues!  My family have members for five generations!  We've got a window in the local chapel!  They can't forget that!"

Sacripant nodded.  "Sure.  Sure.  You're probably right."  A very precise knock came on the door.  "Come in Nathan."  The Lamplighter entered hesitantly.  "You remembered the knock.  Good.  I'd have hated to kill you by mistake."

Nathan flinched at that.  "Right."  He sighed.  "I... we have to talk."

"Well, that sounds ominous," noted Lamorac.

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