Saturday, December 31, 2016

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 42

The Grand Master eyed the small stairway in the alleyway suspiciously.  It lead to a basement chamber with a sloped doorway that  had the suspicious portion of the Grand Master's mind already noting all the ways it could be used as the place for an ambush, or a trap.  He had reached into the forties when he decided that this would require some special planning.

He walked across the street to the small cluster of men standing there.  "Right.  I will require one of you to go into this safehouse first."  He gestured to Camber.  "You."

Camber gulped.  "But... I did what you asked."  The Grand Master raised an eyebrow.  Camber glanced away.  "Well, more or less."  He looked at his fellows and gestured to a younger member. "We should send the prentice! It's what we keep them around for!  Send the new guy!"

The prentice frowned.  "Hey, I may be new, but I'm not a screw-up!"

"Exactly!" said Camber.  "You've never had the chance to screw-up!  I say we give it to you!"  He placed an arm on the young man's shoulder and tried to shove him forward.  "May the Holy Light be with you!  Great succcess!"

The Grand Master frowned.  "Camber.  Go over there.  Now."

Camber gave a miserable frown.  "I... it's not right!  I'm a member in good standing, sir!"

"Then act in such a way that you keep it," said the Grand Master steelily.

Camber gulped, then turned turned and crossed the street, tottering on his peg leg.  When he reached the stairway, he turned to regard his fellows for a moment.  They stared back at him icily.  With one last shudder, Camber made his way down the stairway.  The Knife-Grinders watched him vanish from sight.  For a moment, all was still.  Then there was a loud clattering crash.

"It's all right! It's all right!  I just tripped!" came Camber's voice.

"Please tell me we're killing him when this is finished," said the prentice.

"Oh, absolutely," agreed the Grand Master.

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