Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 49

Lily regarded the Erl before her, eyes narrowed.  "So... what's your fiancee like?"

"Nice," said Sacripant.  "In a tough sort of way."  He shrugged.  "She's also in the Guard.  If you're wondering."

The Seamstress blinked.  "You have women in your... Guard?"

Sacripant considered that.  "Some," he said at last.  "More than you might think...  Though Quiet's... well, hiding out.  Sort of."  He smiled at her.  "She's a princes.  Kind of."

Lily considered things.  "She seems like a woman with a lot of qualifications."

"Oh, yes," agreed Sacripant.  "And she can skin a man alive, if she has to."  He glanced at the Lamplighter slumbering in a chair nearby.  "So, if we're swapping stories, what is this about a favor...?"

Lily laughed.  "Oh, Nathan's an old friend.  When a Seamstress is out late for... reasons, he lets her walk with him.  To keep safe.  Not all Lamplighters do that.  And he's done a few other services for girls who work for me.  Always told him he had a friend in me.  Always knew I'd pay up eventually, just... never thought it be like this."  She shook her head nervously.  "Bad things are happening, aren't they?"

"Yup," said Sacripant leaning back in his chair.  "I'm hoping I can stop them, but... it'll be tough."  He shook his head.  "I think what's happened here is... your city just got used to running this way for so long that sometime ago, it became impossible to keep track of it all.  And now the people at the top are moving to betray you all.  I don't think they see it that way, mind you, but that's the fact of it."

Lily looked away.  "I... it was horrible when the Eremites were here.  I wouldn't want them back."

"From what I hear, they wouldn't be back," said the Erl.  "It'd be someone worse.  These are terrifying times, really.  Amfortas may down, but the places he's got left... well, they aren't going to turn against him soon.  It's a long fight ahead, and... that makes people get nervous.  Especially with everything else that's going on..."  He waved his hand.  "Ahh, well.  Just going to do my job, try and come out the other end of it.  Really that's all you can do."

The Seamstress nodded in agreement.

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