Sunday, January 22, 2017

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 51

Nina played her lute, in the square as the crowd passed by, occasionally tossing her coins.  "Oh, Lamkin was a good mason, as ever laid a stone, but when laid the lord's castle, payment he got none.  He builded up the castle, without and within, but he left a passage, for himself to sneak in..."

A boy came to her and whispered to her ears.  For a moment, she seemed discomfited.  But then she started to sing again.  "Oh, we shall prick, we shall pinch him, we shall stab him with a pin.  And as he does cry out, the lady will come to him..."

She finished singing shortly after that, having left out half the verses.  Nina couldn't help but feel a little offended that no one seemed to notice.  She had her pride, after all.

Not much, but some.

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