Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 52

The knock on the door was strangely light.   Lily cracked the door open.  "Listen, the girls are..." She stopped suddenly, realizing she was speaking to a young child, of rather indeterminate gender.  "Umm, hello," she said, pulling her robe tighter around her. 

The child remained quiet and passed her a note.  "Ahh, thank you," said the Seamstress, "but... I don't read..." 

The child gestured to the top of the note, on which was drawn a lantern symbol.  Lily coughed. "Ahh, yes, I... you must be mistaken, as..."

The child crossed its arms, and stared at the Seamstress with the  most astonishingly cynical expression imaginable.  Lily bowed her head.  "I'll give it to him."

The child smiled, as the Seamstress shut the door, and hurried back inside.

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