Saturday, March 4, 2017

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 57

It seemed that half of the Ancients had fallen asleep during the meeting.  The Speaker had been at a loss on what to do in such an occurrence, and had been forced to turn to the Charter, which proclaimed the Keeper of the Horn was to wake them, by the blowing of the Great Horn of the Ancients.

Unfortunately, the Keeper was also asleep, and after spending a long time awakening him, they discovered he did not have the Horn with him, nor did he even remember where it was.  It had taken hours to find it, and by that time, more of the Ancients were asleep.  Further, the Great Horn proved to have a rather underwhelming sound when blown that failed to wake any of them.  The Speaker and the Metropolitan had gone off to examine the Charter again, hoping for a solution.

The One in White Robes, and the Bearer of the Red-Laquered Mask had gone out to the great balcony for some air.  They'd stood there in silence for a long time, when the One In White Robes spoke.  "It... isn't quite what I expected," he said.

The Bearer gave grunt.  "I know.  I... I rather expected the Metropolitan would have... more of a plan.  Still... I suppose it isn't a real surprise.  You know how he always was about tradition.  Probably doesn't want the motion to be defeated by being irregular."

The One in White Robes nodded.  Left unsaid was the fact that the Metropolitan was traditionally barred from serving as an Ancient, something that was specifically mentioned in the Charter.  It was, after all, one of the many things one didn't talk about in these times.   He glanced up at the sky.  "So... lovely day."

"A bit cold," noted the Bearer.

"Well, yes, but... so sunny," said the One in White Robes.  "A great improvement over earlier."

The Bearer nodded slowly.  "I suppose," he said at length.

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