Saturday, March 11, 2017

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 60

The Ancients had called for another fire to be lit in the Hall--however, as the wood pile was low, the Furnace Tenders had been sent to get more wood from the Wood Cutters.  Unfortunately for them, the Charcoal Burners were there as well, and so what was supposed to have been a simple job had... become quite different.

"Listen, we are on a mission from the Ancients," said Peredur.  "An important one."

"You got your share of wood early today," snapped the head Charcoal Burner.  "Now wait your turn.  We need charcoal.  And charcoal needs wood."

"Oh, how much charcoal does Talossa need?" snapped Simon.

"A great deal," said another Burner.

"Charcoal keeps the Smiths working," noted a third.  "The Smiths are some of the most powerful guilds, with Masters serving on the Ancients.  We do not think they would appreciate your causing trouble for their fellows."

One of the Wood Cutters coughed.  "Perhaps you gentlemen could reach some sort of accord?  We do need to sell our wood."

Simon gave a wave.  "We'll come up with something soon, sir.  Don't worry."  He turned to the Burners.  "Perhaps we could... flip a coin for it?"

The Burners crossed their arms.  "We are taking this wood."

Peredur was about to say something when the sound of a crowd of men stomping down the street caught his attention.  He turned to see them, all clad in great cloaks and wide-brimmed hats as they walked in unison.  "What is that?"

Simon shrugged.  "Looks like a bunch of Knife-Grinders, heading out to kill someone."  He turned to the Burners again.  "How about 'Odds and Evens', mmm?"

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