Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Light the Lamp So Bright--Part 67

"I must dispute your understanding of your position," said Lamorac, as he sipped the lemonade he had purchased from one of the Lemonaders who had joined the growing throng in the courtyard before the Ancients' hall.  "No new Grand Master can be chosen until a grand assembly is gathered, at which all Masters and Journeymen of good standing must vote.  Your title is thus a nullity."

The young Acting Grand Master, busily sharpening a knife on the heel of his shoe, shrugged at this comment.  "Traditionally, someone must lead between a Grand Master's death and the selection of the new one."

"Yes, the Master of the Hall of Masters," stated Lamorac.  "If he is not present, then it is for the Master of the Hall of Journeymen, and if he is not present, the task falls to the Master of the Hall of Apprentices."

"All three of whom are dead," noted the Acting Grand Master flatly.  "The last of whom I killed myself, on the Grand Master's orders."  He stuck his knife in the ground.  "You see our difficulty."

Lamorac thought it over, then nodded.  "It is a difficulty."

"Naturally, I will of course bring the matter to a vote as soon as these present difficulties are past us," said the Acting Grand Master.  "As well as filling all these other positions you have mentioned.  We Knife-Grinders have been sadly depleted at the top in these recent months."  He looked at Lamorac.  "We need dedicated members with a strong sense of history, such as yourself."

Lamorac gave a sniffle.  "I am honored by your words, sir."  Camber coughed so severely he nearly choked on the mouthful sausage he was eating.  Lamorac glanced at his partner.  "Are you all right?"

"Just... nearly went down the wrong pipe," muttered Camber, who began looking around for another Lemonader.

Lamorac turned back to the Acting Grand Master.  "My apologies if I've offended.  It's clear that you have only acted as is necessary during this existential crisis for our ancient and worthy brotherhood."  He glanced towards the Hall of the Ancients.  "Oooh!  Look!  I think an Ancient is coming to talk to us."

"Which one?" asked another Knife-Grinder.

"Don't know," said Lamorac.  "He's got yellow robes."

Camber frowned.  "That really doesn't narrow it down much."

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