Saturday, June 24, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 3

Lulea flew down to a copse of trees, where the sound was coming from, and tried to remember what exactly the sound was.  It put her in mind of singing, something she and the others had done for the Maker in the Not-Long-Ago when the new creation was unfurled.  Lulea chuckled to herself.  That had been most pleasant.

This sound... this sound was similar, but not so pleasant.  It occurred to her that she knew of this sound, that the Maker had taught her and the other Sylphs of it.  What was it...?  Glancing into the hollow of a tree, she saw the source of the noise a small Salamander that had huddled there.  As she stared at the small creature, Lulea remembered what the noise was, a thing the Maker had called crying.  Lulea was quite mystified at this, for crying generally meant one was unhappy, and the Sylph could not think of any reason for anything to be unhappy on this glorious early day wrought by the Maker in all Her skill...

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