Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 4

As the little Salamander continued to weep, Lulea coughed politely to get its attention.  (While the world was new, the Maker had gone to great lengths to instill in Her children the idea of manners  It assisted in the managing of things immensely.)  The Salamander did not respond, forcing Lulea to cough a bit more loudly.

It still did not answer.  Lulea, feeling somewhat put out, coughed once again, and then spoke.  "Excuse me!  Salamander!  Why are you crying?  Is this not a glorious day the Maker has wrought?  Why don't you rejoice and be glad in it?"

The Salamander did stop crying at this, to stare at Lulea in a manner that Lulea felt was rather unwarranted.  After all, she was only asking it a question.  "I am lost!" shouted the Salamander.  "I am lost and I want to go home!"  And then it started crying again.

"Oh," said the Sylph.  "Well, that does make sense then.  And where is home?"

The Salamander lifted one arm and pointed at the shimmering form of the sun.

"Ahh," said Lulea.  "That is..."  She coughed once again.

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