Thursday, June 29, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 5

Lulea flew towards the great Silver Tower of the Sylphs as fast as her wings could take her--which was fast indeed. Now this was early in creation, and so the Silver Tower could be reached, as opposed to now, where it lies forever out of reach.  But it was still very far, beyond the edge of the ocean, on the very  tip of the sky, and Lulea was quite tired when she reached it.  After taking a moment to catch her breath, she rushed as quick as she could to the grand throne room, where the Lady Polychrome, chief of the Sylphs, lay directing her charges.

"No, no, my dears," she said to the three standing before her.  "A gentle rain in the west, not a torrent."  She clicked her tongue.  "I say, the Great Maker was quite clear on this.  More such mishaps and there will have to be punishments."  The three Sylphs shuddered and quaked before her, and thus were quite relieved when Polychrome turned to look at Lulea.  "Lulea? What are you doing here?  I had you marked to check on the Great Continent now."

"And I was, Shining One," said Lulea.  "When I found a Salamander there..."

"A Salamander!" Polychrome laughed. "Impossible!  Salamanders should be in the Gardens of the Sun not the Great Continent!"

"That is the Salamander's thought as well, Shining One," noted Lulea.

Polychrome stared at Lulea for a moment.  "Oh, my.  You are absolutely serious."  She bit her lip.  "That is a bother."

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