Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 10

Lulea sat with the little Salamander, whose name she'd learned at last was Etain, on the roof of the Silver Tower, their eyes on the sun.  Etain merrily munched on its straw, a contented smile on its face.  "So... that's where you're from?" said the Sylph half hoping to be told there was a mistake.

Etain nodded.  "It's very nice there.  Lord Hyperion keeps everything very bright, the way it should be!  And warm!  Toasty warm!  And, oh, we can walk about free, not like Vulcan's place."

Lulea blinked at that.  "Vulcan?  Who's that?"

Etain seemed to be aware that it had made an error.  "Lord Hyperion's brother.  We don't talk about him."  It looked away.

"But you have visited him?" asked Lulea.

"Only for a little while," muttered Etain.  "He was mean.  And when I wanted to use the Golden Road to return home, I couldn't find it again!"  The little Salamander gulped as the Sylph loomed over it.

"Go on," said Lulea.

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