Thursday, July 13, 2017

Whither Goes the Wind--Part 11

Polychrome stared at the large statue of ice before her, pacing about it.  "Hmmm.  I would say.. this doesn't quite capture my... spirit," she declared at last.  She turned to the nervous Sylphs shifting about nearby.  "Wouldn't you agree?"

"Oh, yes, yes, yes, my Lady," answered one.  "It was a total error on our parts!  A total failure!  I told everyone we were going on a wrong path!"  She pointed at another.  "It was Ariel's fault!  All of it!  Completely and utterly his!"

Ariel seemed about to protest when the door to the Great Hall suddenly snapped open.   Lulea stood there, her face grave. "Shining One, I require the use of your Mirror as regards Eta... the Salamander problem.  Could I...?"

"No," stated Polychrome abruptly. 

Lulea gulped and looked about awkwardly.  "Oh."

"Now, as you are interrupting an important discussion," said Polychrome, "I suggest you leave immediately, before I become upset."  Lulea bowed swiftly and ducked out.  Polychrome gave a nod, and then turned to Ariel.  "Now then, as for you... the lower levels do require some cleaning..."

Ariel whimpered.

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